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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Some more reflections: The afterlife is a useful tool of oppression. It lets you deny the right to happiness on earth to all sorts of people—women, homosexuals, infidels, even to yourself. And to do it with impunity.

The notion that the fundamentalist is motivated by pathology, rather than by genuine political conviction, throws our notions of political freedom out the window, does it not?

The Soviets used to call dissidents mad, and abused psychiatry in the same way they abused all other science. (Lysenko, anyone?) We hear lots of pseudo-psychological nonsense from the right when they talk about the nature of minority families. And in The Republican Brain, Chris Mooney has pretty much diagnosed the American Right in the same way you've done with fundamentalists here.

How do we diagnose pathology, without pathologising the political?

According to the news story at least some of the angry crowd agree with your assessment and were carrying signs reading ''Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell''.

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