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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I understand among recreational anglers it is considered unacceptable to let a fish asphyxiate. If you are going to kill it for a trophy or to eat you are expected to kill it quickly with a blow to the head. I realise such an approach would be completely impractical for a commercial fishing boat but it still strikes me as a weird contrast that the little guys hold themselves to a stricter standard.

Indeed, Matty. And some maintain that the flavor of the fish is negatively affected if it has been stressed as opposed to having a quick death. I've heard it's related to lactic acid, though I don't know if that's true.

A lot of PETA people are lost and looking for a new anchor that gives them something that their previous religious or social experiences lacked.

Cruelty to animals is dickish, at the least. Worrying about fish when there are probabaly, at a minimum 1600 homeless people in L.A. County is fucking stupid.

But... but... Just think of all the soles that have been lost!


Puns give me a haddock.

Oh mahi!

PETA should quit carping about this.


They just do for the halibut.

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