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Monday, November 12, 2012


From wikipedia:
On June 22, 2010, a 19-pound Asian carp was found near the shore of Lake Michigan, in Lake Calumet, about six miles downstream from Lake Michigan, by a commercial fisherman hired by the state of Illinois to do routine fish sampling in the area.[34] The fish confirms DNA evidence that Asian carp have indeed breached the electric fish barrier on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.

If correct does this mean Asian Carp have already reached the Great Lakes?

Not quite there yet, but it's alarming because that one was beyond the electric barrier. Lots of doubts about that barrier.


I'm sure that commercial and sports fishers in the Great Lakes Basin are nervous.
Is there even a commercial fishery for these fish? If you see the videos it looks they aren't that hard to catch.
It's easy enough to fish out even the most prodigious stocks as the Atlantic Cod it seems, why not encourage a fishery for this species?

Make them an endangered species. There will be an entire industry built around "Carpboats", baiting/lure technology and clandestine tournaments within weeks. Better, yet, let Teddy Teabags Nugent know that they're "furriners" and he'll be out there killin' 'em with his "Wango Tango" machine gunz.

democommie; A new sport with water skiers with barbed ice picks fending off airborne fish? Maybe a group of powerboats circling schools of fish and wingshooting jumping fish, not only exciting but dangerous too!
All good ideas but traditional gill net and seine fishing technology would seem a more reliable solution.

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