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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Raw foods are risky---more so, perhaps in our modern world where food is handled a multitude of times before it reaches our tables. There are all sorts of scientific explanations for this, as well, but I'll not try to explain those. I used to eat half-shell oysters. Loved them, but I'm older now and probably have a depressed immune system. So, they are, in my mind, too risky (I kicked tobacco too, about 17 years ago---no harmful effects yet.)

I do miss the dairy fresh (unprocessed) milk I drank on my great uncle's dairy farm when I was around five years old*.
I'm still here to remember and write about it. Just dumb luck I guess. We all take risks everyday. Eggnog IS better, made at home with uncooked eggs. It is risky though. And I don't do that anymore either.

(* breakfast was farm fresh eggs; beefsteak tomato slices (in late summer);bacon or sausage, if it was available; toast with farm-churned butter; and, of course, a glass of that risky milk.)

An Ohioan

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