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Sunday, December 30, 2012


I think a complete response to her would be: Please don't push your margin of error that closely while I'm standing here watching. That would be be my response that would cause me to say something.

This does, though, remind me of a quote I saw long ago, that I would swear was Mark Twain but can't find online, that if motive and opportunity coincided, we'd all be murderers. I think I've converted the quote too much to lawyerese ("motive") and that's why I can't find it online. My memory is hitting it as a teenager, and being disturbed by it-- "we're not all that close to being murderers!"-- but it's stuck with me, like a great deal of Twain (if it was him). I don't think it's literally so, but it asks for understanding across lines we'd all draw: I'm not a murderer! Well, think a moment and understand how you might be.

This is one of the things I got from reading Twain as an adolescent-- asking you to see as a human like you the huge variety of us.

Even if there are no shovers around, anyone could stumble, faint or otherwise end up over the edge. It's irresponsible to take such a risk.

Having said that, I have seen poor alcoholics in town here with a habit of crossing a busy street from one bar to another without any attention to whether it was safe or not. They weren't unaware of the danger, but (I have guessed) stepped out from a mix of suicidal uncaring combined with the superpower of watching cars scramble not to hit them. Whatever happened to them, death, hospitalization, or just squealing tires, would be a "win" in comparison to their desperate lives.

We had a stretch of road here where locals would slow down and keep their eyes skinned for these people. It's an 8 lane main street, downtown, four blocks from city hall. What stopped this problem? Most of the bars have been closed and replaced by government buildings.

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