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Monday, March 18, 2013


What a fantastic picture.

But I can't see shot of Chicago like that, with vintage 1930's cars with running boards, with out hearing Walter Winchell's monotone voice setting the stage for another episode of The Untouchables.

I imagine Frank Nitti in the lead car being pursued by Elliot Ness in one of the cars farther back.

I really like that photo. It has a kind of 30s-glamor feel about it. I suppose that would include the presence of a mobster or three.

Lance did you know that stretch of roadway sports palm trees during the summer months?


And check out the density of the 1925 crowd at that link. The days of no A/C.

Yeah, I've seen that and wondered where they keep them in the winter.

I've wondered the same thing myself.

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