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Monday, July 29, 2013


The interesting thing is that they led w the gay angle, which isn't the major element in his recent remarks. Even tho I liked what he said about gays.

I had just passed by a gay couple getting married at my local town hall last week and when I saw how happy they were, most of my former crotchetiness about definitions of marriage fell away before their lovey dovey faces. Of course, we'll have to see how they are doing in a couple of years when the dog has barfed on the bedspread and the car broken down, and SOMEONE has charged too much on the credit cards and the in-laws are being a pain...surviving the mundane is the true test of love, not being passionate when in the throes of romantic love and rushing to get married...

But, to return to the Pope. This is a shepherd Pope, a pastor preaching about how Jesus is bigger than the World Cup. How people should unite, rather than divide up into lobbies. How we should sacrifice and serve others in the name of Christ. Instead of the hateful Pharisaism that has emerged from the Vatican in recent years. It's inspiring to even a dirty Protestant like me...

But our media, and that of Europe generally reflects the strength and greater resources of one lobbying group over another. For example, when traditional, religious women get turned down for ordination, their other duties to family, church, community and job generally prevent them lobbying indefinitely against clerical sexism. They give up on the hierarchy because somebody has to look after the children or (as the sisters do) carry out the merciful ministries that shine in a dark world. Likewise, peasants oppressed by brutal landlords who get danced attendance upon by corrupt prelates, are usually too scared or too busy scraping a living together to keep fighting against tyranny forever. But prosperous gays without family responsibilities can politick for their own interests with admirable, focussed energy.

The Pope's stance on the poor is awesome. I love this pope. The crowds don't care about gay rights but about Jesus. Who is bigger than anybody's rights, who calls us all to our birthright, our responsibility to reach out in His love to a broken and hurting world. Even wicked as we are...

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