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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A number of the bloggers at Free Thought Blogs have the Orwellian view of free thought that Greta Christina so eloquently demonstrates here.
Over the past few years, the blogging group that began as a science/skepticism/political site that aspired to questioning social dogma has declined into an echo chamber for "social justice warriors" and their particular brand of sacred pronouncements.
"Free Thought Blogs" has become one of the biggest jokes on the internet.

A Bear,

Seems to be the case.

Borrowing from their preferred lexicon...

Free Thoughts +

The plus being slavish adherence to Progressive dogma.

Following up on A Bear's comment, I learned, in of all places the military, that effective communications begin with "listening to understand, not to refute." The frau constantly chides me for offering rational and reasonable explanations to seemingly intolerable pronouncements or conditions. I add that I may not agree with the position, but I at least make the effort to understand them. Free Thought Blogs are a misnomer or more likely the words are out of order and the meant to say Thought-Free Blogs. (apologies if the comment was made before.) It's a bit of a shame because Ed was/is a champion in the remove Creationism from school curriculum, and his stridency and those around him is why I no longer listen or read him. I may listen to understand, but at some point in time, one must recognize the futility of the effort when the action is not reciprocated.

I'm an atheist, but it really irritates me that the great majority of atheists are "for freedom" when it comes to social issues (I am generally on their side on those issues), but when it comes to other political issues (e.g., gun control), the great majority seem to be statists, of which I have no respect for.

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