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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The problem with the ricin cigarette is that it is a call back to season 4... and that was a really long time ago. It all made sense to me, but I had marathon watched all the preceding episodes int he week running up to the recent premier.

I have a bad feeling for Skyler in the rest of the show. Walt always picks up the 'quirks' of the people he has killed... and he made himself birthday bacon just like Skyler used to.

In his way I actually think that Saul is the last incorruptible character. Now, he was never pure - but that meant it was like he was inoculated against the filth surrounding him.

mary martha,

Interesting take on Saul and great observation about Walt picking up quirks of people he kills. I totally missed that. While I've seen nothing that caused me to think that Walt might kill Skyler, your observation definitely raises that possibility.

Hank is clearly driven by his humiliation about not realizing that Walt was Heisenberg and the pain and diminishment caused by the shooting.

Anyway, Walt had nothing to do with that shooting.

I think Hank was morally compromised by his ambition and sefl-righeousness from the beginning. I never saw him as some paragon of virtue.

I also think Saul, in his own sniveling sleazy way, is the most likeable character on the show. I liked Mike as well, even though he was a jaded old ex-cop that had lost his moral way long ago. His love for his grand daughter was pure and it was sad that he died knowing he had left her nothing.

I still find myself pulling for Walt to get away with it, at least long enough to die with some dignity. I think he has regained Skyler's affection and loyalty as well.

Dr X, I'm not sure I view Walt as quite the psychopath that you do, although I yield to your much greater clinical knowledge of psychopaths.

Let's not forget the journey that has made Walt who he is. Ruthlessness has been forged into his psyche by the realities of the Meth business.

I think that when Walt hugged Jesse in the desert it was a tacit admission of his manipulation and a genuine display of his affection for Jesse.

I am also confused about the ricin cigarette business. The kid that Jesse was so shattered over hadn't even been poisoned with ricin but Belladonna. Although, the last shot of that episode focused on the Belladonna plant next to Walt's pool, implying that Walt had indeed poisoned the kid and then, in a Machiavellian master stroke, taken Jesse to the edge of murdering him only to be "redeemed" by the disclosure that ricin wasn't what had nearly killed the kid, thus regaining Jesse's loyalty.

That Walt is certainly a candidate for psychopathy. But they were careful to only imply that Walt had used the Belladonna plant for this evil plan.

Also I don't understand how Jesse would have concluded from Saul stealing his joint from his cigarette box that somehow the same thing had been done with the ricin cigarette and there's the obvious fact that Jesse knows that the kid wasn't poisoned with ricin anyway.

I think it is a clumsy plot device that isn't supported by the history of the show.

But I'm loving the show anyway.

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