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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


given how these things tend to go, I expect some Miley supporters/defenders or at least someone trying to ride the Opposite POV wave to come out right about now.

I think she saw what happened to her father. He was a one hit wonder with 'Achey Breaky Heart' who then evaporated from fame. She is desperate for that not to happen to her.

The problem is that just as her father became a pop culture joke with his overexposure with the one hit wonder so is she... with a different kind of overexposure.

She is to young to realize that it is entirely possible to thrive outside the hothouse of pop culture fame.

I do not think the child knows what her adult body has done. Maybe she's more mature than I think... but the one photo of her butt that I saw makes me think otherwise. A mature woman would never display her thin and fit body in a way that makes one think "FAT".

And why in the world does she think she can outdo Steven Tyler with the tongue bit? It really pains me to say that Tyler did it with class, but compared to Miley... yeah, he did.

She can sing, but I'm not sure she has that elusive, ephemeral thing called "talent". In this other song from the "Backyard Sessions" note how her voice is abrasive and how she butchers the pronunciations. Perhaps it should be titled "Look What I've Done To My Song".

I'm trying not to succumb to the "these kids today" ethos that middle aged people seem to invariably slide into but...

What was she thinking? From the expression on her face I almost wonder if the whole teddy bear porn act was a parody of the forces that propel young pop stars from teeny bopper fluff into premature sexual debauchery.

There is a shot of the audience with two young African American guys looking confused.

I'm right there with you boys.

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