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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Synchronicity, with a light sprinkling of serendipity.

You shouldn't have told me that story, because I refuse to throw away gifts lest I offend or hurt the giver. In fact I just severely snarled at one of my puppies this weekend who was throwing out a gift from her aunt. My puppies will throw out Christmas gifts in March if they decide they don't like them (brats). I have tediously told them about how touched I was, when tending my dying mother to find a cross stitched place mat I had made her (under duress, with great struggles as I hated needlework at my prissy girls' school, and she and I did not get along at that time) when I was 8 years' old. She had it on top of her dresser, under her silver hairbrush and mirror set and told me she had kept it there ever since I had given it to her, so that she would remember how hard I had worked at an activity I hated (sewing) to make her something pretty for Mother's Day. She treasured it. What I said to my kids was that the placemat was actually somewhat garish and my stitches imperfect but that it meant SO much to her, and even more to me after a very complicated relationship with her. To see that near the end of her life...Sometimes a thing can actually become a symbol (people who go to church know this, of course) of love that bridges the gulf between us.


Also, retriever, love your story.

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