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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We're supposed to get close to that tomorrow. Right now it's just disgustingly humid (wet washcloth air)

Course, I'm sure Donna routinely gets MUCH hotter weather. And my sister has months at a time over 110 mostly (she sends funny pictures of drooping candlesticks in sconces---sometimes a candle is just a candle)


Yep, I was thinking, you're all next.

When I saw this post last night, I was going to post something about how it's so much worse in the south, but decided to actually check the weather before I did.

The temp was 94 and the wind 10 mph, humidity the same. A nice comfy day for here :-)

As I'm sure you know, for us, in September, that was off the charts.

I'm reminded of the summer my youngest daughter spent in Chicago. Unused to parking threats to be towed actually being enforced, her car was towed. While walking (how far I don't really know) to reclaim the car, she suffered heat exhaustion, fainted, and was taken to the ER.

She was acclimated to high temps and high relative humidity, but something about the climate of Chicago didn't agree with her.

That costly experience did finally teach her to park legally, I think. The following year, her car was registered in her name so I got no notice of violations.

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