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Monday, November 25, 2013


I had my DNA done by 23andme several years ago and am VERY pleased with the service. I did it as a lark and have found it to be really informative.

The ancestry information matched what I know through geneological research. The medical information was fairly in line with my family history.

I recently showed it to a friend who is adopted and she was planning on getting this done. I hope that this is resolved quickly so she can still participate.

I think the value is that a person can get information outside the evil clutches of their insurer or employer who might decide to fire them based on the results. I thi k that it's a great potential service to the public if it meant that they might choose the job with tbe better health insurance if they k dw they had a likelihood. Of getting a disease despite having no symptoms yet. Because we live ina barbarous clu try where .iddle class native born America s their houses paying medical bills and illegal get it for free. Oba. Are will not help the deserving
law abiding citizens. We are comi v to a time when people will have to diagnose and increasingly treat themselves. The bs about mental health care " in the community" (Ie. back to locking up your manic relatives in the cellar to keep them from harm) is the canary in the coal mine.

Sorry to be grouchy. Flu-ridden and excruciating joint pain from poss Lyme

It seems to me the tests should have some objective oversight if they are sold as a health item. Why would it be that different from a pregnancy test?
Apparently, they have not produced information asked by the FDA (I could be wrong).
On the other hand, I agree that when U.H. and their fellow "health providers" make a statement about health care delivery my instinct is to question that claim!

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