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Thursday, December 26, 2013


I wonder if that illusion works if the observer has stereoscopic vision (two eyes).


I doubt it would work with two eyes. I'm surprised it works so well with a single lens, but what amazes me about an illusion like this is that someone was able to conceptualize and construct it. I wonder what prompted the 'inventor' of the illusion and how the inventor went about constructing it successfully.

I took a processing and perception class as an undergraduate and we got into some of the features of visual processing that lead to perceptual errors or illusions, but to construct something like this from scratch, or even inspired by another illusion, really impresses me.

One of the lectures I was most impressed by as a freshman was in a general psychology course. It was about visual perception.

It is quite amazing when you learn how your brain "tricks" you into seeing the world around you as seamless and cohesive, while often distorting, embellishing and omitting physical inputs.

Later in a senior physics optics course I learned about the nature of light itself and that, combined with the knowledge of how our brains construct a world from our physical perceptions, gave me an insight into the "story" we tell ourselves about the universe around us.

Later, when I entered the business world, I was exposed to the phrase "perception is reality".

I understand that it means that you should realize that people will make conclusions based on their own personal perceptions rather than attempting to look beyond their casual impressions. But it encapsulates everything I hate about the way humans interact with the universe and the other humans that inhabit it.

In fact I see science as the only tool humans have to break free of their biased and self-limiting "perceptions".

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