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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Part 1: you are transitioning past middle age, all those graves are reminding you of your mortality, which until now you haven't confronted.
Part2: You are outwardly confident in your social interactions (well dressed), still you have doubts from time to time ( odd footwear).
Alternate diagnosis: too much feta and anchovies on your pizza before bedtime.


Well, don't verbally smack me upside my head for saying it, but you know what the BIble is talking about when they talk about feet. Is something just crying out to be heard? You needn't answer, just ponder.

You mention of That Guy usually implies younger person--do you have an obnoxious whippersnapper in you classes who makes you feel old and busted? Or who, even if you like and enjoy mentor him, makes you ache for your own past. Dang, youth wasted on the young...ours now gone or at least not as exuberant as years ago (I vill now retreat to ze bunker)

Seriously, tho, red is an attention getter. While red sneakers in real life are repulsive and would put off a woman seeing a guy and would make other guys think you a loser, in a dream they symbolize something else, and my hunch is it's the Biblical association. Remember my red shoes photo of the female in Paris? She was wearing those shoes as an expression of what?

Maybe it's just saying that you're just in a sartorial rut? Ask your wife what she would like to see you wear instead of your usual stuff? Or trying wearing something different at work and taking notes on how people react. You don't have to wear red sneakers but perhaps some awesome Asolo leather hiking boots in the snow and a revamped wardrobe from EMS and REI would subtly remind the whippersnappers that you aren't dead yet. You don't have to get lurid colors, but the young these days are such conformists that it gets one out of the ranks of old fogey a bit to dress in some of their clothes. You don't have to do what most middle aged women do, i.e.: be mutton dressed as lamb. I'm not advocating being a mid life twit and going and buying a sports car and taking up with a bimbo to keep death at bay as (I'm told) some men do in middle age. Where I am, women buy Minis and lapdogs and adopt a particular wardrobe in middle age to keep the Demon of Death at bay.

Sex and death, people can't avoid thinking about them at our age. Even tho kids think us invisible or dead. The open graves, for some reason I thought of it at first as just an updated "A Christmas Carol" where seeing an open grave is the final horrific sight that leads him to repent and amend. But I don't think of you as someone oppressing the poor and being vile to your patients, so I think the message there is more one of STOP< LOOK< LISTEN like those old RR crossings.

The rather awful association I had to all those machines was Nazis, burying victims of some mass murder, perhaps because you mentioned their inexorability, having to leap out of the way.

One thought I had is that at this chronological time in our age the young whippersnappers and society generally want to shove us either into wise old man or hag category or into irrelevance and we fight it. Or think of the Monty Python skit the old guy over his kid's shoulder :"I'm not dead yet...I feel happy" But the kid wants to get rid of him and pays the kid in the plague cart to wack him with a shovel and throw him in. Monty Python, like all fairy tales, entertains because it depicts the ways generations and characters actually feel and act towards each other as opposed to stupid PC twaddle....(end of pompous rambling)

Don't mind me, I haven't had my first cup of coffee. It's a very interesting dream, and there's lots in it. I am so sleep deprived lately I practically never remember my own dreams, so it's fun to think about someone else's.


"You don't have to wear red sneakers but perhaps some awesome Asolo leather hiking boots in the snow"

I do wear them when it snows :-)


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