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Friday, January 31, 2014


It's funny how when it snows for Christmas, it's all magical and delightful, but January? It can't be over fast enough.

So true and there's another month to go. How's it been in your neck of the woods? Are you in a part of the country that gets a lot of snow?

Not as bad as you, but yes. We have a long, steep driveway which we have to shovel if we want to go anywhere. We shoveled it out in 3 degree weather last week, only to have it start snowing again the minute we were done. And the winter gods laughed.

The Pacific coast is in a drought.
Here on Vancouver Island, our ski mountain is closed for lack of snow. On average it receives about 40 feet of snowfall in a season. We're halfway through and they've only had about 2 feet.
Odd weather this year!

And we had our third highest January snowfall this year. See drunk guy 55 seconds into this clip for the explanation: http://www.hulu.com/watch/13277

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