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Thursday, February 27, 2014


They don't have to bake a cake for anyone they don't want to. They don't receive public money, so they can discriminate as they please. A cake is not a necessity, and there are a gazillion bakeries. A moral judgment or religious belief doesn't have to be rational (VIrgin birth? Resurrection? belief that marriage is between a man and a woman to (if God wills it) produce biological children of the couple?). Without taking sides with the bakery, I have to say that nobody should have to justify every moral belief they have rationally or all of us religious people would be tongue-tied and silent. Probably a good thing too, in the eyes of our atheist relatives and neighbors.

Personally, I'm sick of all the fuss about who people choose to love. It's love, for Chrissakes. I believe that we could more constructively focus on the hedge funds, the banks, and the giant corporations and agribusiness. Huge entities that rape and pillage our country and impoverish all of us. But instead we bicker about whether Mary loves Sue or Joey loves George. I may lack the imagination to understand a woman having the hots for another woman (because I like guys), but it's just NOT worth the time and energy to fight about, and it is dangerous to focus on this BS when our liberties are being eroded and people are out of work, jobs being outsourced, etc.

It's just another aspect of the bread and circuses culture. Keep people focussed on less important stuff while they are being turned into slaves. I am NOT saying that it is unimportant to a gay person who wants to get married, or that I condone prejudice. I spent an hour this morning discussing which school district the lesbian in my office should move to when she and her partner have a kid (now my kids would never in a million years have imagined their arch reactionary mom having that conversation, but I like the woman). Simply that debate about all of this should not endlessly dominate political discourse at the expense of other issues. I could get cranky and say why the hell not discuss the rights of the disabled and the mentally ill?

Sorry, having a rotten day...

while I see Dr X point and of course everyone who uses the above anecdote as an example of inconsistent belief syndrome....I hadn't considered it but it is entirely possible that a person who is against same-sex marriage doesn't give a crap about divorce, cloning, human-cloning, stem-cell. We have this concept/contradiction called the Cafeteria Catholic. Essentially, they follow the dogma of the Catholic faith except for the one or two things they disagree with, like using birth control or per-marital sex. It's interesting that we treat them as allies when they agree with the "popular liberal social items" but hypocrites when they draw the line at one particular thing, like abortion.

I need to think about this some more.

What I do not understand is how selling a cake to a lesbian couple endorses lesbianism. To me, it simply endorses capitalism.

Is a drug store that sells condoms to a homosexual man endorsing homosexuality? Is the drug store even endorsing safe sex?

This is not even in the same ballpark as a church refusing to sanction same sex marriages. Nor is it in the same category of Catholic charities/hospitals being required to provide birth control to their employees.

It's in the ballpark of silly posturing.

Donna, I like your point, and Icarus' one about cafeteria Catholicism. As always, good sense prevails...After my verbose twaddle earlier, I wondered if maybe the woman just did it for the PR? Because she certainly wasn't very consistent if she was willing to make a cake for a witch, tho that example made me think of the Monty Python skit.

I wish you were my neighbor and we could sit and barbecue and chat and swat mosquitoes together (well, not right now--10 degrees and snow rocks everywhere still). I've been so buried here, I miss our discussions...

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