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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Point taken BUT: actually they HAVE probably murdered more than 3000 innocent people on American soil, but they are probably Mexican or other Latin Americans, so American natives don't care, sad to say.

My sister lives in Phoenix, which is the kidnapping capital of this country, because it is the transhipment place for most of the drugs (I'm told) that come into this country from Mexico. The violence in the bad neighbourhoods of Phoenix is appalling. But nothing happens in the lily white gated communities. Minority on minority crime is underreported, as in New York, so as to make it look as if police departments are doing a great job, and is not as vigorously responded to as some suburbanite alarm. But the human tragedy is the same. The working people who get in the way of gang battles or who run afoul of them are just as dead as our poor murdered 9/11 martyrs. Dead is dead. The difference is their families get no memorial monuments or huge insurance settlements or empathic attention year after year (which relatives of murdered people need).

I'm thinking also of the thousands of illegals who die crossing, or who are murdered by gangs when the gangs fail to extort the desired amount of money from their relatives. Horrible mutilations, cruel deaths, etc. It all depends WHO is dying for Americans to care.

Nobody in this country really paid much attention to Ebola until they got scared that it might get here, for example.

It appears al-Gharbi feels it necessary to downplay IS atrocities and stated intention.
He states they have killed "several thousand" in Syria. If you give them their fair share of the more than 190,000 killed in the conflict, that seems more than a little understated.
As soon as they declared themselves a caliphate, which is before the Americans returned, they made it known they have a goal of a much wider territory than just Iraq and Syria (starting with the land between Spain and the Indonesia), and inshallah, then the rest of the world.
As far as the Mexican situation, the cartels may have compromised and infiltrated the Mexican Government to a large degree but they haven't overthrown it or overtly seized a large chunk of territory. The US media would sit up and take notice if they did, I'm sure.

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