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Saturday, January 17, 2015


My thoughts depend on something I don't know about Muslims, Islam, and "fundamentalist" versions thereof. Do only "fundamentalist" Muslims object to the reproduction of Mohammad's image, or is it something only a handful of extremists believe? Is the objection more like some persons who prefer to write "G-d" instead of "God," or is it something different? If it's the former, then while I can't necessarily say it's "healthy," I do accept that that's the belief involved.

I mean none of the above to suggest that people oughtn't have the right to publish images of Mohammad if they want.

Just like Fox News pumps people up for idiocy here, same there. Example: we had some young German visitors to our house once when I was a kid. We had one of those framed prints of Jesus's face (a nice painting, very compassionate and '70's) on the piano, and they asked who is was in the picture. I was pretty surprised that they didn't know. When I told them, they were obviously pretty weirded out, but really couldn't explain because not a lot of English. Later in life I learned that German Lutherans don't believe in depicting the image of Christ, for basically the same reasons Muslims don't like their Prophet depicted. Yet, these German kids didn't try to kill me or blow up my house. Because Christian? Or because German Lutherans didn't have anybody at the top telling them they needed to wig out about it.

substituting Belief System for Religion, why cannot everyone of a particular Belief System simply practice their BS without expecting others to adhere to it?

There are a quite a few verses in the Quran and the hadiths I find extremely offensive.
As some Muslims, such as Mr. Awad believe so strongly that people shouldn't be offended, he and his associates might wish to start editing their own scriptures.
It's a big job, but he could make a start here:http://www.skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/int/long.html

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