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Saturday, January 31, 2015


I haven't seen that documentary yet, but it sounds interesting.

I read somewhere (I forget where) that if the same number of deaths happened on our current population base, the equivalent would be about 1 or 2 million (or more) persons. It's hard to imagine how we would cope.

Indeed. How would we cope?

Not positive, but the comparable figure offered in the documentary was American 5-7 million deaths today, IIRC (didn't do the math to check) One in five military-eligible white Southern males and one in five black males who fought for the Union side lost their lives.

You may know that Chicago was the scene of its own Civil War horror show with thousands of men perishing at a prison camp, mostly CSA buried in a mass grave marked by a monument, The Confederate Mound, on the South Side. Also, Rosehill has a sizable section for interred Illinois soldiers who died from diseases at the camp. Small compared with many other Civil War burial sites, but still significant considering that these were just the local deaths from disease at a Union camp far from the battlefields.

Otherwise, lives lost in the field often went unidentified, unburied or hastily interred without markers. Family often didn't know the fate of a loved one, ever, so imagine a nation where that is a widespread experience for population.

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