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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Maybe her childhood was blighted by a drunken parent. Or she was beaten by a drunken spouse. In my experience, when people initially appear to be contradictory (expressing piety then rejecting any association w the needy or addicted) it is usually because the faith was their lifeboat that saved them from a hell of abuse or family mental illness. Before one dismisses them as judgey or hypocritical one might consider that they are, perhaps, still healing. God isn't finished with them yet. Or any of us.....People who are comfortable and who were well loved as kids may be more laid back and find it easier to say live and let live.

I think his sloppy singing woke her from her melancholic reverie. My thought when he began was, "oh, please don't." She was so good, I wondered if she'd even sung professionally.

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