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Friday, April 17, 2015


To which this rabid Cliffie turned staid conservative wife and mommy can only say "And WHAT, precisely, is preventing you from saving up and buying it for yourself, you horrid little parasite?" While, obviously, an engagement ring is a beautiful token of love, what matters is the man doing the asking (I'm traditional about that part of it) not the kind of ring. So if the girl...er...woman wants a specific ring, she should buy it for herself.

I tell my daughters that "the main reason to wear a ring, apart from keeping off the marauding males right now, is so that when you and a fiance/husband fight and you are sulking, the light will hit the ring and remind you of how you both felt the day he asked you to marry him. Then you will go make up your quarrel. "

I really have very little patience with women who sigh and die and live to manipulate a man to give them something they could get for themselves....She wants the ring, she should go buy it (if she can afford it).

Or... it could just be someone admiring a beautiful ring while also admitting they don't yet have the type of relationship that would make the ring more than just beautiful. The flippancy (as discerned in print -- I can't hear the tone of voice) might mean they well understand they are not yet ready for that type of relationship.

As a widow, I had the not so wonderful experience of dating in middle age. One problem I ran into was men who thought anything I expressed admiration of was something that I really wanted. Since I was dating middle-aged men, many of them had the means to get such items for me. I finally stumbled upon the response of "No, no... the only thing I really want in life is to own the Mona Lisa" or some variation of expressing admiration for something inaccessible.

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