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Sunday, April 26, 2015


wow! those are gorgeous! Particularly the second one--what an unusual posture! It seems so early for them--but we are just back from what I call Little Siberia, digging a new potato trench, planting a couple more apple trees, and seeding particularly cold tolerant stuff on our windy hilltop.

This is an Annas Hummingbird female (I think because the girls are young are a bit hard to tell apart) and they overwinter here. I think one of my neighbors has a feeder because I have seen them around my back yard all winter. The migrant species (Rufous Hummingbird) has been back for over a month now thanks to a mild winter and early spring.
In fact, a few weeks ago a newly fledged young Annas was rescued by a florist after getting stuck to some tape on a bouquet, so it's parents must have begun nesting in late winter.

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