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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Snowy Egret! Nice shot!

Thanks. I just wish I'd had my battered "rocket launcher" Canon 300 F 2.8 w teleconverter, as it would have done a better job....The tiny Olympus 75-300 and OMD EM1 (which I took this with) are really portable for hiking, but they don't handle whites well. Plus my language isn't printable when trying to cope with the Olympus menus and it's horrible function buttons and the way one can inadvertently mess up settings when pulling the camera in and out of a backpack.

I go back and forth as the heavy cameras and lenses do a better job, but I am just SO fed up lugging them...Plus, worthless for travelling as they make one conspicuous. I think I'd take the heavy stuff if I could ever save up for a safari or truly amazing bird trip. But for now, I compromise and use mirrorless when travelling or hiking more than three miles...

I will send in a better shot if I get one. Spring gets one ambitious again....

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