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Friday, August 28, 2015


Uh...yeah. I watched that first episode and it was just too disgusting for me to see the redeeming qualities in its message. Never watched another episode. If that's how they open a season I can't even imagine what the finale would be like.


I can't argue with that. I watched a few minutes of the third episode yesterday, and while no signs of disgust factor, it's still tough viewing.

I've seen the first episode, too, and now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it. I'm probably going to follow Liza's approach and not watch any other, but if the others are at least non gross, I might give it a try.


The second one isn't especially gross, Not nearly as disturbing as the first one, but it's still tough to watch.

I might try it, and maybe the 3rd. After that if I'm not into it, I'll give up.

The first episode, by the way, didn't seem to live up to the "modern-day twilight zone" standard. The "redeeming qualities" of its message were too forced and not really believable (I really don't believe that everybody would do what everybody is accused of doing at the end of the episode), even absent the grossness. (Of course, some Twilight Zones were "too forced," too. I sometimes re-watch them and wonder what my young self was thinking when I liked them.)

I watched the third and liked it, so I'll continue.

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