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Thursday, August 27, 2015


The stock market has always been a *mystery* to me. Thus so has governmental fiscal policy. Even though I understand very little about genetics or epigenetics... I think I've got a lot better handle on them than I do monetary "stuff".

(Ever once in a while I wonder if there's a monetary DNA that expresses itself through epigenetics... and then I decide that a glass of wine is preferable to trekking down that path of thought. Because... headache.)

In the meantime, I'm looking for the best places to dig in our back yard. I've got the mason jars ready. I just don't know what to put in them. Paper currency? Gold? (What gold? My wedding ring???)

My mother was a coin collector, though she never had a collection that was worth much. What she did have is enough for a short history of U.S. coins. She had quite a few solid silver ones, and a decent enough collection to track the history of how U.S. coins (through use of non-precious metals) became more and more like paper money -- our wealth, our assets, are based on faith.

She collected based on sentimentality. Most of the silver coins she had were silver dollars minted in the year of her and my father's birth. My grandchildren think those are awesome. She bought uncirculated sets of coins for each of her children for the year of their birth. Thus, her collection is worth much more to her descendants than it could ever be worth on the "market".

Mom's collection was passed on to one of her granddaughters when she died. When my father died this year, I was surprised to find his coin collection. It was very different -- apparently he'd taken to putting whatever change was in his pockets into socks or small "money bags" and storing them in his sock drawer. The bulk (and I do mean bulk) of his collection was pennies. Quarters were the next most numerous. There were a few surprises -- quite a few dollar coins -- Susan Bs and James Monroes. He also had a few silver dollars.

I divided these coins and gave them to his great-grandchildren, in care of their parents. The oldest great-grandchild (she's 8) was absolutely fascinated. Maybe she will grow up to understand fiscal policy better than her grandmother.

In the meantime, my money (what there is of it) is in savings and tiered CDs in what I hope is a "good" bank. Again... faith.

Your comment reminded me of an old post.


I'm glad I re-read the old post. I remembered it as soon as I saw the photo. That one had me checking out an old desk that I'd bought at an estate sale. Nothing hidden in it.

But I'm really glad because I got to read Julia's comment, which I missed the first time. What a wonderful story!

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