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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It is interesting how we (I'm including myself) are nervous about what might happen. I work close-ish to the Loop, and one of my routes to work goes by one of the areas hit by the 1966 or 1968 riots, I forget which one. (That route is a bus route to the El, and then the El to work. If I walk, I go a different direction and bypass that area altogether.)

I don't know the in's and out's of this particular case--and I only first heard about the shooting yesterday--but I'm willing to concede the justice of what the protesters are concerned about. I'm also willing to concede that violence in such events is usually attributable to the way police handle it. I'm also hopeful that the CPD has learned a thing or two since the 1960s about not escalating things. This should be the thing, for all its faults and abuses, it should know how to do right. Still, I'm a bit nervous.

Not to be inflammatory, but I am still so appalled by this:

May God have mercy on us....

Looking for one decent politician in this race is like the futile attempt to find enough decent men in Sodom and Gomorroah to use as evidence to God that the place was worth saving...

He's beyond the pale.

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