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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Really interesting stuff. This happens again and again. Now, EVERYBODY knows it was a mistake to go into Iraq. EVERYBODY knows there were never any WMDs.

Not exactly the same, but related in my view, is the massive lock-step defense of the new Star Wars movie. People are doing back flips to defend its (SPOILER!) suckishness. In another 6 months, it'll be the same thing: "Oh that POS? I never really liked that." It's just group-think: identifying with a group, an ideal, that cannot be dislodged or dissuaded by logic or even self interest. Formerly "What's the Matter with Kansas?" syndrome, now "Trump 2016!"-itis.

Oh, don't trash Star Wars! That's like telling little kids Santa Claus doesn't exist! :)

Actually, I'm bound and determined to like it because I have geeky kids who are already dissecting it and hating on it because it PROBABLY so dreadfully departs from canon that it is deplorable (there is nobody so judgmental as kiddie gamers and young adults who were kiddie gamers and sci fi fanatics). One watches a perfectly diverting and escapist sci fi adventure with them only to have the love scenes drowned out by growling offspring muttering about this trope or that trope...

As to the main point of your post, way cool stuff, I agree.

The other aspect of predictions that REALLY interests me is when people keep reiterating certain things or proclaiming opinions about a person or situation. The same one perhaps. Or the same prescription for action. In all situations. Appropriate or otherwise. Sooner or later, a situation arises in which their gloomy or bellicose or paranoid or supremely wise advice or assessment is spot on. And then they go around saying "You should have listened to me before. I was right along>"

The words of Cato the Elder about how "Carthage must be utterly destroyed" at the ends of every speech of his in the Roman senate, finally accomplished in the Third Punic war are an example of this.

Another (for which I am much mocked in my family) is my speculation about X or Y that they used to be a spook. If one does this frequently enough, one is occasionally proven correct. This provides enough random reinforcement for one to continue in making such suggestions on the basis of little to no real evidence...

Also, in a suburb, one can speculate "that marriage won't last" and have at least a 50% chance of being right, probably higher in certain neighbourhoods if the guy is extremely rich and middle aged, as he will be tempted to trade her in for a newer model (I live in a pretty creepy place)

As usual, sorry for being verbose...people I was describing were basically hedgehogs...

I did really really want to like Star Wars, Retriever, and was really sorry that I didn't. My point of view on such things comes from a bitter place: knowing that J.J. Abrams just made more for that one movie that I will make for my lifetime of work. Also knowing that he had every resource at hand, and yet it is what it is. You and I couldn't get away with doing such a crappy job at what we do. To compare the movie to cars: I wasn't expecting a Cadillac, but a serviceable Toyota would have been nice. It was a Pinto, and it exploded.

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