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Monday, January 18, 2016


So what do you wear on the trudge to the subway? We went on a 3 mile hike at the beach in relatively balmy 5 degrees (allowing for windchill) in just synthetic base layer pants, nylon over pants, merino shirt, down hooded jacket and puffy synthetic mitts. The mitts were inadequate and I should have brought something for face because of wind (the males in family were more bundled up as they are more cold-averse, so they did fine, tho looking like Michelin men). I can't find gloves thin enough to use w a camera so my fingers turn to icicles when photographing the increasingly beautiful landscapes (fewer people!!). I am looking for heated mittens w battery to slide frozen fingers into after taking several pictures. Right now my solution is to put camera inside jacket to preserve battery life and frozen hands on back of neck to warm up. The Flaky Photographer

I wear layers, layers, boots, heavy gloves w/liners underneath and move quickly. I don't even think about taking photos once it gets into low single digits.

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