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Wednesday, March 09, 2016


That is an awesome photo! Unusual subjects too.

Thanks Donna. I am VERY fond of otters. Ever since I cried over "Ring of Bright Water"...This particular duo are incredibly fun to watch, playing, splashing, nuzzling up to each other. They tend to hide under a bush and loll curled up with each other after their lunch. By the end of the afternoon, they start peering hungrily at each visitor coming onto the viewing platform over their pond and yard. They stand up on their hind legs and look SO cute. There isn't a lot to do around here, so we visit the nature centre where they are a LOT...I will try to send some shots of the baby goats to Dr X after they are born (I want to keep dwarf Nigerian ones if we ever move to the country once I retire)

I'm interested in your comments about Son of Saul.
We all enjoyed "Risen" (about the Roman centurion who encounters the empty tomb). I expected to hate it (the previews with it are for schlocky happy clappy religious movies, yuk!) But it's actually quite good, very well acted, and my menfolk were totally engrossed (tho they preferred the military scenes to blissed out time with Jesus!) I was impressed by its portrayal of a person having their world view upended, and how they explored something new that at first seemed foolish, then threatening and yet fascinating to them.
We also watched (yet again) the Zeffirelli "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" about the early life of St. Francis. Wonderful movie! And cool seeing it AFTER having visited Francis' home town a few years ago...

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