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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Congratulations! Yay! Whoopeee! You got your Comcast service fixed, so this calls for a celebration.

As for contractors v comcast employees, both have been relatively good when I finally managed to get an appointment scheduled.

To quote Monty Python. " And there was much rejoicing...."

(Don't even get me started on our dreadful internet connection/speed at both lairs...makes me want to throw things at Tim Cook's endless cloud focussed silliness w Apple these days, quite apart from the creepy aspects of some of the new software developments they just announced...)

Donna B.'s experience has been mine as well, pretty consistently, and I live in the same city as Dr. X. That's not to imply at all that he's wrong or inaccurate in what he's reporting, just that my personal experience has been different.

Could it depend on the neighborhood? Maybe some neighborhoods have different infrastructures that better allow for people to resort to competition. I understand that what Comcast offers is a different type of service (in terms of the technology involved) from what ATT offers. Perhaps in my neighborhood, ATT is a more viable competitor and therefore perhaps Comcast does a better job here than wherever Dr. X lives? [In my personal experience, ATT has done a TERRIBLE job at customer service. So when I say Comcast has worked well for me, it could be in part because ATT has provided such a low bar.]

One of the frustrating aspects of this situation was that I knew it couldn't be this bad for everyone. For whatever reason, the contractors, one after another, didn't bother to really inspect the old wiring, despite knowing that we were making no progress with repeated visits. In the end, fixing it was so simple that I could have done it myself if I knew what the problem was, though it would have taken me more like six hours compared with the two hours it took the Comcast employee to do the work. I've never had this problem with RCN in a condo in the River North area of Chicago. TV, phone and internet has worked perfectly from day 1.

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