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Sunday, July 17, 2016


This is quite commendable, and it must take a huge effort to keep the different accounts straight...From what I know of you from your writing, I think you would go to this trouble to preserve privacy for your patients, even without the legislative threat...

I did have the following thoughts about things that might have influenced the patient asking you (without knowing the relationship between you two, obviously): perhaps it could be taken as a compliment, that he viewed you as reliable, trustworthy, NOT someone who might say wild-card things. Also, perhaps this person is trying to claw his way back to a
"normal" professional presence, or has been laid off, or divorced, or suffered some other shattering loss/disruption that makes it imperative they have a platform like LInkein to get started in again. I'm saying this as someone who only set up her own account when someone I knew when we were both in transition many years ago, out of the blue invited me. I had to set up an account myself to accept. The person was a very nice person so i said yes tho I loathe Linkein (as I also loathe Facebook). And then another friend from happier circumstances invited me. The point is some people invite everyone in their address book and some people target people who can buttress the flashy but unreliable people they may also list. It's a bit like references.

So your former patient MAY be thinking of getting back into therapy or might just want a stable or reliable, decent people on his LInkeIn list that make him seem credible....I think actually it's kind of cool, as I'm not sure I'd want a shrink of mine to be associated with any professional networking I was trying to do. One is so vulnerable with one's shrink, whereas most professions are so competitive that one seems a totally different person at work to the suicidal wretch flopped on the couch. I think some shrinks might be surprised how competent some of their genuinely wretched patients can still be at work....


Your angle hadn't occurred to me. Perhaps he was trying to bolster his credibility, or perhaps he just wanted recommend me to others, though there are better anonymous ways to do the latter, HealthGrades, for example.

Thanks for this post, Dr. X. I hadn't realized how LinkedIn worked, and now I might reconsider a bit. My career doesn't have nearly the same type of confidentiality requirements as yours does, but it has some. And there are also some affiliations I would prefer others not know about that they might know about through LinkedIn.

Good food for thought.

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