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Saturday, September 17, 2016


His latest stunt, Blaming Hillary Clinton for starting the birther nonsense, and taking credit for putting the rumors to rest.
Is he that out of touch with reality or counting on the rubes to not pick up on an obvious lie? His new handlers haven't got him to tone down the BS. If there is natural justice, Trump will lose the election then stiff all his political operatives for their salaries/contracts because they didn't deliver and he spent too much on the project anyway.

abear, That would be justice. Stiffing the operatives is entirely in keeping with his business practices. He has a history of deciding to simply pay less or pay nothing in violation of his contracts, justified by his subjective appraisal of the work, or sometimes because he simply decides, in violation of his contracts, that he doesn't want to pay up. It works because he makes it cheaper to settle for less rather than sue. There have been exceptions, the painting contractor who sued over an unpaid $34k bill (Trump was recently ordered to pay $300K for the plaintiff's legal fees), but many smaller contractors can't afford to fight or just won't go that far out on a limb. Long before this election, he had a reputation in the business for doing this. Basically, Trump is a career crook who knows how to leverage the legal system to steal. My family is in the business (commercial GCs), operating throughout the Northeast US, including NYC. I can't imagine a circumstance in which they'd ever agree to do business with Trump, but there are always contractors who need the work, and are willing to take a chance.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Trump business after this election. He's badly damaged his name as a luxury brand, and licensing his name had been a large and profitable enterprise. The Globe had an article a couple of weeks back claiming that his hotel business is down about 50% (IIRC). I overlook his hotel in Chicago, and have been watching his outdoor restaurant business for years. During summers past, the restaurant was always packed. This year, it appeared to me that business was off by about half. Many people who can afford to pay $15 - $20 a drink will no longer patronize a business associated with Trump.

But he's a cockroach and cockroaches have a way of surviving, so he'll make do.

By the way, my contempt for Trump is nothing new. I've held him in very low regard since the 80s, when he was mostly a local NY character.

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