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Saturday, November 12, 2016


My biggest fear is not that Trump is the next Hitler. I really don't think he has such a coherent race-nationalist worldview. (Not that I would know, since I'm not a Trump scholar, but it's a hunch.)

My biggest fears--my nightmare scenarios--are three:

1. He is an authoritarian and will declare something like extended martial law or states of emergency, if not nationally, then (more likely) in selected "unsettled" areas. I'm not talking about quelling rioting by sending in soldiers for a few days. I'm talking about overreacting to protests, calling them "riots," or reacting to events legitimately described by riots, sending in soldiers, and keeping them there for weeks or months.

2. He will somehow--either by cravenness, egoism, or incompetence--get us involved in a very destructive war.

3. People inspired by his message and his refusal to denounce extremism will create something akin to brown shirts or the KKK, but these newer groups will have more "respectability"--maybe they'd be called "citizens leagues" or whatever. My fear is that the DOJ will be lax in prosecuting violence from them. More debilitating will be countering "lone wolf" actions for which those groups can't be found legally responsible or countering technically non-violent actions from such groups,

The last scenario seems most likely. The first two, I hope, are less likely or at least implausible.

Just goes to show you can't trust the New York Times.
Trump was right all along?

Although the Times did fire back at Trump tonight, reporting that subscriptions are actually surging.

A close friend (whose brother was one of those murdered in the Twin Towers attack) casually alluded to their concerns going into the city to see the Veterans' parade because of the "rioters". I was startled and asked what they meant. Then realized they were referring to people protesting against Mr T. I rather testily said that I was fairly sure a large percentage of any protesters had relatives who would have served, so would in no way have wanted to disrupt a parade honoring veterans.

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