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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Instapundit linked to it. You may not agree with him always (nor do I, in the same way I don't always agree with you) but his readership is large. This is, IMHO, a completely non-political issue. Or should be.

From your posts, it's obvious you like movies. Do the recent revelations about the depth of depravity in the film industry affect your enjoyment? If so, how? (I say "depth" because I think most everyone has been aware of some depravity in the industry for many years.)

It won't have much of an effect on me since I seldom watch movies or TV. I don't recognize many of the names mentioned. The only judgment here is that I don't find most movies or TV shows interesting. I've always preferred reading.

If I believe that someone associated with a film preys on people, it can make me ambivalent about seeing a particular movie. Recently, I've hesitated to see Woody Allen films. And even Tom Cruise's position at the top of the Scientology world gives me pause, though I accidentally saw one of his films recently (American made). I did enjoy the film, but I probably would have taken a pass if I'd realized he was in it. Roman Polanski? Pass.

Like Dr. X, if I know of any specific depravity, I'll at least be reluctant to watch the movie/show in question. For example, "Stranger things" was on my list of shows maybe to watch someday, but now I might not.

But I think Donna's question goes potentially deeper. It's kind of what I was getting at in my comment on the first "Open Secret" post. If the industry itself has a high potential for depravity, should we patronize films/movies/shows that, for example, have child actors? I realize the premise may be debatable. I'm assuming show business has a "high" potential for depravity and I'm perhaps also assuming it's a *peculiarly* high potential. (To me, it seems like exploitative child labor.....however, that fact alone, if it is a fact, does not prevent me from watching shows that happen to have child actors.)

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