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Saturday, November 18, 2017


I have a 450 watt metal halide sunlight spectrum light in my main living area. It definitely takes the edge off the short daylight and frequently grey winter skies.

Good for plants too, no?

Absolutely. The lamp in question came from a legal source that resold equipment seized from marijuana grow ops.Its crop for the last 10 years or so has been a large split leaf philodendrum , a jade plant, plus various other plants.
It has a pure white spectrum, and wouldn't be ideal for growing a complete crop of say edible vegetables through the entire season, but have some other light sources and if you want to do the work?

Probably a dumb question, but do the LED bulbs that emit a light that looks like daylight have any effect? Even after cataract surgery, I like bright lights most of the time. I'm fond of LED bulbs that are "whiter" than incandescent bulbs. My daughters complain that these lights are harsh. I have lamps and some overhead fixtures with incandescent bulbs for "mood" lighting.

But not in my kitchen and laundry room -- I want to see! I recently moved and thought the lighting problem in the kitchen was due to no under counter lights. Then, the bulbs in the overhead fixture burned out and they were 40 watt appliance bulbs! No wonder I couldn't see. My wonderful sons-in-law have replaced those and several others.

The previous owners of this house were perhaps afraid that light bulbs caused excessive electric bills. None of the exterior bulbs worked, decorative or security. Even the garage door lights were burned out.

Since I got sick right after I moved, I thought that was the cause of my bad mood. But I think the poor lighting contributed to it too. I almost teared up when they flipped the switch after the new bulbs were installed.

Though the reasons I've moved still rule (grandchildren 6 miles away rather than 600), I'm missing my old house which I'd remodeled to my tastes and comfort just 2 years ago. This house is much larger and 50 years younger, but not quite so convenient and comfortable. Yet... I'm working on it.

I don't know about effects of LEDs on mood, but I wouldn't be surprised if a variety of lighting has positive effects on mood. All I know is that this particular type of lighting is the type used clinically and shown in research to be effective for some people.

I'm not an expert on this, but what I've heard is that the key factors at work are intensity and correct spectrum so providing these are met the type of bulb shouldn't matter. Pure white spectrum is available in incandescent bulbs but they aren't powerful enough and they are uncommon because they are relatively expensive and have a short life. The grow light I have uses a ballast and a fair amount of power and throws out a lot of light.
My understanding of the therapeutic light boxes is that you sit close to them (so there is sufficient intensity) and have the light shining directly into your eyes for a given period of time. I haven't measured the lumen output of my bulb versus the light boxes but I suspect it is powerful enough to deliver sufficient intensity at a greater distance and as they are on all day on cloudy days there is enough of a duration of direct contact through the day to meet the prescribed exposure.

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