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Friday, January 26, 2018


He's a walking, talking, advertisement for girl's education and young women's university educational goals or other careers the desire, and to be independent of men such as him! I feel sorry for his daughters, but hopefully, even growing up with him as a father, they will have other friends, teachers, and see professional women they admire!
This guy is living in a type of private fantasy where women will "serve" him! All he needs to do in his fantasy life is to have a job (pity any secretary or other working woman around him) and come home and be the "king" of his "castle" having females serve and "honor" him and be totally dependent on him, doing everything he wants because of their need to survive. It's bordering on abuse and he seems incapable of empathy or care about any other conflicting desires of any woman to pursue her own goals and dreams of a different life for themselves. Since it's no longer the 19th century, and instead it's the 21st century where women have as much right to go after their goals and dreams, he's setting himself up for many conflicts in the future. He will have to find a woman who is willing to be his "servant" and it's not going to end well for either of them unless that woman has been "groomed" her entire young life for that role - fortunately, even uneducated women and girls, raised to be in that subservient role have a window on a wider world and will have a route to "escape" if they desire. Again this is not going to end well for anyone, especially him, because he has no insight apparently that his desires and wishes for a life with subservient women in 19th or fanciful 20th century, post wwII Norman Rockwell ideals, are a fantasy and have no realistic existence in the modern world where women have equal opportunity to reach and achieve their own goals for their lives. He has no insight into his feelings and how his fantasy life has grown out of his feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy have resulted in a rich fantasy life. He needs psychological help, but won't seek it until after experiencing the pain of having his fantasy crushed by a real world crashing into it and seeing the pain of some woman he's had unrealistic expectations of. He's obviously codependent from his young life, and the focus of his coming psychological help will likely be his relationships with his own parents. Good luck to any woman who gets pulled into his elaborate fantasy life.

It's too bad that Norman Rockwell gets saddled with all the projected fantasies of conservative people who don't fit into late 20th, early 21st-century America. This Sykes guy had better not meet up with Rockwell's subject in the Young Lady with a Shiner.

Enrico, Funny. When I read this, I thought of this piece by Rockwell.


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