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Thursday, March 22, 2018


The answer should be “NO”. He goes on football scholarship, gets knocked around, maybe gets injured, maybe not.

Enduring that just to have someone on his case in the hopes he will do well isn’t worth it. And once he’s in college what worked in high school may not work the same. And...eventually he’s going to finish college and join the real world.

What then?

He needs to learn to cope as best as he can now rather than later.

As an aunt and grandmother of two boys in "somewhat similar" situations, I think you're absolutely right in saying let them decide. I would back that up with if they subsequently decide they chose wrongly, then... support them in changing course. Way too often, pressure is put on boys of a certain physique that they should consider that physique as primary, talent secondary, interest tertiary.

Don't push for. Don't push against.

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