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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Back in the 70s, I worked at 2 small town newspapers. That's where I learned first hand how "fake news" is created. It almost always started with taking a quote out of context back then. So my first thought on reading that tweet was I should check out what Kavanaugh wrote.


The article was published and the symposium took place in 2009, so it was also after Bush left office, not simply "once George W. Bush was elected." Kavanaugh explains that it was serving in the Bush White House that led him to believe Clinton's performance as President was impeded by the Paula Jones mess and the Starr investigation. His recommendation is that Congress fix that problem with legislation, not that judges become politically involved.

The relevant pages are 6 thru 9 of the pdf and at least of third of each page is footnotes, so it won't take long to read it for yourself.

I really don't care what you think about Trump, but your assertion that out of 24 potential candidates, that Kavanaugh is the most likely to compromise himself to rule outside the law for Trump (or any other President) is maliciously transferring your feelings about Trump's character to Kavanaugh's without justification.

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