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Monday, September 10, 2018


That appears to be a tame bear that was raised with the dog. The bear is actually behaving like a dog that wants to play and not like a bear. So says abear.

That makes sense but I wonder how the neighbors feel about that bear roaming the neighborhood.

Hopefully they have good fences and the bear is well taken care of, and it appears so.
Two months ago I went for my usual walk in the nearby park which is a 1/2 mile loop in a larger park . I got within 50 feet of a black bear sow with her young cub. I saw the top of her back and initially thought that I was looking at 2 big Newfoundland dogs. but as i walked forward, not directly toward her I could see that she was a bear with a cub. and she at the same time became aware of me.
She stood up to locate me. I stopped and scanned the area in front of me to make sure there were more no other cubs and proceeded slowly in direction I was walking (going past and away) at a slow and talking to the bear in a calm as possible tone.
She behaved in a non aggressive response by just directing her cub up the tree and generally retreating from me. Also there was no grunting or lip popping which indicated to me that this was not a danger.
I hung around the area for few hours and also notified the folks that live next to the park and the appropriate authorities.
I gather the bears kept moving on, I didn't hear about them being removed.

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