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Wednesday, October 03, 2018


I think it is a reflection of the culture one is from.

As a woman I know lots of guys who got into 'bar fights' when they were in their early drinking days.

Generally they are Southside Irish Catholic types. The 'bar fight' usually was little more than a few pushes and mostly missed punches (maybe even thrown ice).

These fights were part of the evenings entertainment and never resulted in serious injury. In many ways it was a type of group bonding.

They were generally between friends or within friend groups and today are the fodder for 'remember the time' stories told at get togethers of old friends. Please note - this is a group of successful professionals (Doctors, lawyers, engineers etc)

Today we are told to be considerate and respectful of all cultures (and sub cultures).

Why not consider that this is a reflection of a sub culture with different practices than you are accustomed to?

Cardillo is from my hometown and my subculture. Bar fights were not acceptable and those from my subculture who engaged in them were a**holes. If Cardillo and ALL his friends really were getting into bar fights, they were a**holes. I also happen to think Cardillo is still an a-hole based on many things he's said previous to this. BTW, there are parts of my culture of origin that I don't think are good, and I don't excuse them as benign differences. I reject them.

Also, a person's occupation or educational level isn't indicative of whether or not they're not a jerk or worse. Priests have raped children, people in my profession have sexually abused patients, including children. Physicians have committed rape (women's gymnastics and OSU's sports physician). Lawyers can be crooked and mistreat spouses and children. People who are publicly very respectable can have terrible sides to them. And I'm not saying that people can't start out being jerks and change for the better, but there's going to be a story if that's what happened.

If you recall some of my posts from years past, I don't cut slack for the initiation of violence because of race or ethnicity. It's a psychological failure and it's criminal. Whether a culture permits indulging it doesn't change the psychology of it. There are far healthier ways to bond with people. There are cultures in which beating one's wife is acceptable and even encouraged. There are subcultures in which sexual assault is okay. Cultural approval doesn't make it any better. Part of the problem we're dealing with now is the problem of subcultures that support sexual assault. It's not a benign cultural difference. It's a difference that has brutal meaning.

As for Kavanaugh, he grew up in a prosperous D.C suburb, and was the grandson of a Yale grad. Gorsuch went to the same high school and we've heard no similar stories about him. For a semester after high school, I lived in New Haven with college friends. We went out to bars all the time. One of my roommate friends was a college athlete and Irish-Catholic. He's a guy who could have put a serious hurt on most people. We had no bar fights, and I don't recall bar fights being a common sight in the New Haven bars. I'm sure they happened sometimes, but if my friends got into bar fights, I wouldn't have hung out with them because I didn't hang out with a**holes.

Yeah, I've never gotten into bar fights and am not sure I know anyone who has.

The closest I came to one--and it wasn't that close--was a discussion I got into with a stronger about whether the US should hold prisoners at Guantanamo.* It was a cordial disagreement, but at one point, I accidentally knocked his beer on the floor. If that guy had been an "easy to goad to violence" type of person, the discussion could theoretically have descended from there. But he knew it was an accident and didn't even take me up on my offer to buy him another drink.

That said, I'm not convinced I wouldn't in some cases make very poor choices. I haven't been tempted and so can't really say what I'd do. I don't want to find out, either.

*Or something....it had to do with some aspect of the war on terror.

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