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Monday, October 29, 2018


Trump is the real victim in all of this. (irony is intended)

The most significant party in terms of numbers are non-voters; over 100 million. I am a member due to the fact the election process is suspect. There are dream peddlers who appear sincere, deep pocket hustlers with dish soap name recognition and an assortment of charlatans. We are now captivated by the most dysfunctional WH and president in history. How could millions of citizens mistakenly assign leadership skills to a silver spoon buffoon. Is there a valid comparison between this grave mistake and the manner in which citizens surrender objective assessment of those ensconced in law enforcement, who like politicians take an oath to serve the public. The USA must now endure a reality show clown and radio talk show host on PA Av. GOOGLE: The old cassettes that explain Mike Pence

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