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Thursday, February 07, 2019


I'd need to know more (and if I followed your link, maybe I would). Maybe there was something else in addition to simply seeing a woman with a child of another ethnicity. Or maybe for whatever reasons, maybe very bad ones, McCain overreacted.

One problem with "if you see something, say something" is that it's hard to act on. There have been cases where I've seen things that were really problematic (not child trafficking or anything involving children, but circumstances where it looked like someone might have been in a difficult situation), and I didn't say anything or intervene because I thought it wasn't my place. There have been a few instances (two, that I can think of) where I did intervene and it turned out that I was wrong. I regret both my inaction in the former cases and my intervention in the latter cases.

I do agree, though, that in cases of trans-racial parenting, the type of supposedly "helpful" intervention that (it appears) McCain was engaging in could be really harmful.

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