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Wednesday, April 03, 2019


It probably says something bad about me that my knee jerk reaction to criticisms of Trump's bloviating, etc., is to get a little defensive while my reaction to similar criticisms against Sanders is mostly meh. I'm much more inclined to claim to support the types of things Sanders or his supporters endorse than I am Trump. But for some reason, as you know, I get much more defensive when I hear criticisms about the latter.

That said--and admitting that I've read only the excerpt and not the article and admitting that I haven't been paying much attention to the news lately--I just don't see the similarity between the two. Yes, I believe Sanders's policy proposals (to the extent I know about them) are either unworkable or unlikely to be enacted by any US Congress or upheld by any US Supreme Court. But Sanders seems serious and at least concerned for something like the greater good and not his own ego. I mean, as a politician, he probably is concerned about his own ego, but his movement seems about something much better than the type thing we get from a president who, for example, says that KKK activists are basically good people.

Again, though, I haven't been paying enough attention to Sanders or the news in general.

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