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Sunday, March 08, 2020


I'm one of those who, until this week, have been mostly non-chalant about this emerging issue. But ditto to what you say here.

Here's a story that doesn't reflect well on me, but underscores your point:

I have a relative with a compromised immune system. Last Christmas, I got that feeling of "I might be getting sick, but it's not certain and I'm probably okay for now." I went to a family dinner that I knew my relative was going to be at. Later that night, it became clear that I really was getting sick. For me it was nothing major, just one of those things that we call the flu even though it wasn't the flu.

Well, a few days later, my relative started getting a cough. Fortunately--thankfully--the cough(whatever it was) didn't progress or wasn't what I had had, and he was (and is) okay. But for the week or so that he had a cough, I felt very, very guilty (and I deserved to feel guilty because I should have known better).

Just to underscore: It was definitely wrong of me to choose to do what I did, and the possibly endangering someone else's life is just not worth it. (The guilt isn't worth it, and even if for some reason it won't make you feel guilty, it's not worth it to hurt someone like that.) So yes, let's take those sensible precautions.

Closer to home: My landlady, who lives on the first floor of our building, is in her 80s. I certainly wouldn't want her to get sick.

I don't understand what you mean by "contracture rate". Do you mean this isn't as contagious as the flu? That doesn't fit with most of what I've been reading regarding 'R naught' for this particular coronavirus.

I'm one of those old people with pre-existing cardiac and respiratory problems. My offspring are semi-panicking for me (ie, Mom, stay home, we'll bring you whatever you need, etc). We are all confused because of what's being cancelled and what's not. Travel volleyball -- cancelled, travel basketball -- not. Schools, not yet cancelled, but it's being considered. Keep in mind we live in a state that has not yet had a verified case.

I am also very fortunate that my retirement income is not much tied to the stock market. It's more worrisome to me that my offspring might suffer from income reductions. I've not inquired much about their incomes and finances.

My neighbor came over tonight to say 'hi' and we laughingly agreed to stand 6 feet from each other. We also agreed that we'd not be getting together with other neighbors for lunch for a while. She's taking care of elderly parents who are older and with more serious conditions than mine, so is cautious about being a vector of contagion.

I, my family, and my neighbors will not likely be severely impacted by the virus or resulting closures... for a while. I am well aware of my blessings.

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