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Thursday, July 30, 2020


While I never explicitly defended Trump and certainly never voted for him, I have gainsaid a lot of the bad he has done. In large part (and the most important part), that was because I chose to accept or apologize for something that I knew or should have known was wrong.

In smaller part, it was probably because I, too, didn't understand or chose to understand "personality." While I do wish that those mental health professionals who have and continue to opine on Trump's mental fitness choose a more measured approach and while I believe such opining usually isn't prudent, I can no longer say they're wrong.

This probably sounds like a non-apology apology, and in a sense it is. But I was wrong.

No need for an apology, but thank you. I'm fine with your disagreements because you're always thoughtful and civil.

In general, you won't see me speculating on personality or the pathologies of public figures, but I share the view of many in my field that, when you have a mountain of data indicating that a particular person presents a grave threat to the whole, discussing personality can be critical to understanding the nature of the very real threat such a person presents. I recall, specifically, the personality constellation I see in Donald Trump, after nearly daily evidentiary confirmations over the past 5 years, piled on top of a trail of evidence dating back well over 30 years.

I posted on that personality constellation here.

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