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Thursday, September 03, 2020


Trump voters are as disgusting as him. They're saying anonymous sources are fake when we can fucking point to a VIDEO of trump calling John McCain a loser like he has never said it before

The president is trash and we see you defending a person who doesn't give a shit about the military


You're right. These revelations about Trump are completely consistent with everything Trump has shown us about himself. He talks about people as winners and losers. He called John McCain a loser for being captured and now falsely claims he never said itnow falsely claims he never said it.

He did nothing and said nothing to Putin about Russian bounties on American soldiers. He kisses the butts of America's enemies while trashing our allies. He protested that America is not "innocent" when Bill O'Reilly called Vladimir Putin "a killer" during an interview. He publicly mocks disabilities and laughed when expressing disgust for a dying man at one of his clubs.

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