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Friday, September 04, 2020


That time he said "best wishes" in his message to survivors of the New Zealand terror attack, as if he was signing a fucking celbrity autograph.

Yup. And as we've discussed, Trump announces his personality organization with a megaphone on a daily basis and has done so throughout his celebrity adulthood. These data points are expressions of his internal landscape. They aren't rootless quirks and peculiarities that exist in a vacuum, isolated from Trump's personality.

The terrifying implications are crystal clear but, at least, before Trump was in politics, the threat was largely though not entirely confined to those who voluntarily entered his social or business worlds. Since he assumed the awesome powers of the presidency, we've all been forced to deal with the amplified consequences of his unbridled psychopathy.

I don't know of any other way to say it: Trump is an extreme national emergency, and half the nation is still asleep.

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