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Friday, January 08, 2021


She was never mayor, although she was a candidate. She runs a flower shop.

It's also a bit of a stretch when the news media calls it a "riot" and protesters "stormed the Capitol Building" when video evidence shows nothing of the sort. The Capitol police escorted them in. Why they did is the question.

Some police let the rioters in, but evidently you're only seeing the parts of what happened that you want to see. There is far too much to post it all, but the twitter clip below shows a crowd dragging a cop down the stairs and beating him. Numerous clips show crowds smashing their way through windows. There's video of people chanting "Hang Mike Pence," congressional offices in shambles, video of a screaming police officer being crushed in a doorway, and video of a man with flex cuffs. Pipe bombs were found in the area, an armed man who's since been arrested said on camera that he was looking for Nancy Pelosi to put a bullet "in her noggin." 5 people died, including 1 police officer, and many others were injured.

Here, a crowd smashes windows and a doorway barricaded by police, leading to the shooting of a woman climbing through one of the broken windows.

The twitter clip below is just 12-seconds long. A much longer clip showing the violence ishere.

The clip, which some may find disturbing, shows the moment where a protester wearing a black, red and white cap climbs over the railing near the door, appears to pull an officer towards him, then drags him down onto the ground then down the steps by the back of his helmet. pic.twitter.com/G5p9eUizeC

— Bellingcat (@bellingcat) January 10, 2021

Here's a police officer screaming as he's being crushed in a doorway by rioters trying to force their way in.

While we have seen videos of the Capitol Police running away, opening barriers and taking selfies, there is another side to the story. These Capitol Policemen, decked out in riot gear, are fighting to the death to keep the rioters out, one crushed in the doors #CapitolRiots pic.twitter.com/6E24C9iQFR

— Cyrus Sanati (@BeyondBlunt) January 8, 2021

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