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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


I have some quibbles (as always), but I agree with you here. Frankly, I haven't stopped wearing masks indoors, except for the few occasions that my spouse and I have gone out to eat (a handful of times) since getting vaccinated. I do confess, though, that beginning about two months ago, I no longer wear the mask when I'm outdoors.

An additional reason--in addition to helping the unvaccinated--is to help those who are vaccinated, but who for some reason might not get the full benefit of the vaccine. I've heard that some immuno-compromised people might be fully vaccinated, but may not have developed an immunity as robust as people like me probably (I hope) have.

One point where I think I see things a little differently that I can, on some level, understand hesitancy, for all the very real harm it has caused and continues to cause. If we tweaked whatever cultural bubble I live in or if the side effects were different or if other circumstances colluded--in those cases, I could see myself "hesitating" or declining the vaccine. That would be the wrong thing to do and would contribute to ruining countless lives, possibly including my own. But I could see myself making that (wrong) choice.

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